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Homeowners typically renovate their homes much more frequently, but still want to know that their project will be completed in a way that will hold until it's ready for the next expansion or upgrade. At Pec Multiservices, we build your home or remodel to last. That's why we guarantee all of our work for up to a full year. If you encounter any issues with our work, whether it's flooring, framing, electrical, or any other service we provide in the course of your project, we'll fix it right away. Our Special Warranty for Residential Homes covers all parts, tools, materials, and labor to correct the problem. It gives you the confidence and peace of mind to let us manage all aspects of your project while you focus on your business or organization. When you hire Pec Multiservices for a residential construction project or commercial renovation in Northern Virginia, or Maryland you can be sure you're receiving first-rate, error-free services..

We are experts in any arrangement, renovation in your bathroom

We have the best professional carpenters in the area, who work to the last detail.

Our carpenters are specialists in manufacturing and installing the most complicated doors on the market

Our electricians are trained to perform residential and commercial work.

We have installed all types of floors because Pec Multiservies has trained personnel to install all types of floors

We design and install, and we follow each step so that the client is comfortable with his new kitchen.

Painting is the most important thing, it is the end of a project, our painters are trained to see you smile.

We have the support of all the factories, which train our installers to do quality work.

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